7.08 The British Invasion Short Trips

12/10/2017 - Dr Who Short Trips, Dr Who Stuff, Posts
7.08 The British Invasion Short Trips
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The Short Trips since the guidance and management of Ian Aitkens have grown in my opinion over their releases to be something really worth checking out. In fact, the real boon of these is that they are bite size and just enough if you fancy a quick break and a little bit of Dr Who to go. The greatest thing is obviously there cost at just over a couple of pounds each they are real steal. The story here by Ian Potter, is not going to make you sit back and go wow. It is as these releases are a little light relief, and the narration by Wendy Padbury is spot on, it really does emphasis the time that this would have happened in the second doctor’s reign. The other thing that sets this little gem apart is that the music is also wonderful in it’s reproduction and it’s way that it adds to the overall feel of the release.

We have Jamie as well, wonderfully interpretative manner by Wendy, which I enjoyed as it painted the picture of Jamie perfectly.


Second Doctor adventure, this time at the Great Expedition


















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