Time In Office Main Release 230 5th Dr Adventure

25/10/2017 - Dr Who Stuff, Posts
Time In Office Main Release 230 5th Dr Adventure
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We will approach this review with this thought in mind – “Gallifrey audio drama, and what became of them…” This is not the first and certainly will not be the last main range release which address the whole concept of the rule of Gallifrey under the Doctor’s tenure. In fact this sort of fits into that post era of when the 4th Doctor was ensconced into the role, and we all know how that ended, if memory serves me correct, one of the companions let and married a guard. Funnily enough that is the link here, the 5th Doctor is summoned, actually bought back to Gallifrey to take on the mantle of the main man, and to sort out the issues surrounding the mess that has been left following the disappearance of President Borusa. It is seen that the Doctor will be the glue that will stick the political landscape together and sort out the mess that has been left. The story focuses on the politics of Gallifrey with a healthy smattering of 5th Doctor nonsense, which makes for a solid release for the main range. That is is my only criticism of this that although this is a main range, it is little troubled as to know exactly what it is. For certain that this release is a MR release and a 5th Doctor, but I had that nagging in my head that this felt like a script that was intentionally re-worked and was potentially going to a never released Gallifrey story. Still it is a little light and frothy for that to be the case. Although I would welcome Janet Fielding in the Gallifrey taking on the role of the Earth Ambassador, I think that her Antipodean way would have cut through the normal stuffy politics of the Gallifrian council.

With that in mind, as I have said this is not the worst by a country mile of the Main Releases, it just didn’t rock my world. It was almost like average, and given that Big Finish of late have been knocking these sort of things out of the stratosphere it came as a shock. This isn’t bad, it is far from bad, take a listen at some other audio dramas out there, and this is head and shoulders above anything, the problem is that when something like this gets released in a range that normally will make you actually listen longer than you should, or as is the case make me drive slower so I can get to the end of the next chapter, then this is a little bit of a downer. Time in office, should be a strap line for a little bit more time in the script writing


Politics are rife in this 5th Dr adventure



















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