4.1 Early Adventures – The Night Witches

03/10/2017 - Dr Who Stuff, Posts
4.1 Early Adventures – The Night Witches
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Second Doctor adventure with Ben, Polly and of course Jamie, as Frazer both doubles for the voices of his own character of Jamie and the Doctor. This story however, is in line with the early adventures, in the sense that it heavily relies on the historical element, with the Doctor and his companions meeting up with the infamous Russian women fighter pilots from the The Night Witch squadron. What makes things even more intriguing is that Polly is the spitting image of their ace fighter pilot. Therein lies the crux of the plot, it is not soon before all the companions are split up between trying to get back to the Tardis, trying to stop the invading German Tank division that is pitched to attack, and also to get back to the TARDIS and leave before too much damage is done to the time line. For essentially a main cast of three people playing five parts, and the supporting cast filling in elsewhere this felt and listened like a full on big screen movie, Big Finish once again performing their magic in making the most of the least amount. What was most impressive was that the story was exceptionally well written, and this shines through, you can easily drift in and out of this and the main themes just remain consistent. I think that Roland Moore may need to be looked up to see what other work he has put out with Big Finish as he is a real find for me. I must admit not being aware of his writing before.

The best thing is that Frazier Hines puts in a real shift here as ever, and the interpretation of the 2nd Doctor is excellent, and is more of a his take on the part than it is on an straight take off. I also love the way that Anneke Wills takes on narrator who does some wonderful emotive narration throughout the whole production.

This comes highly recommended as one of the new old Early Adventures from the range.

2nd Doctor Adventures with Polly and Ben in War Torn Russia



















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