The Invisible Man

15/09/2017 - Additional Releases, Classic Dramas
The Invisible Man

I have held off listening to this release, mainly to process the death of John Hurt who was after all one of the UK’s finest actors. A actor for whom Science Fiction was not a stranger in his career. I think of course of Alien, and of course his portrayal as the War Doctor both on screen and in the wonderful Big Audio productions. John of course had a much wider portfolio than this and won many awards, for his work in theater, screen, TV. I first was mesmerized by his ability as a actor however in his harrowing, touching and moving performance in the Elephant Man alongside Anthony Hopkins. It was at this point that he impacted and I for one always stood up mentally when he was around. For a small fella he certainly could punch way above his proverbial weight in his performance. He is a sadly missed, and a talent I dare say we will never have the likes of again. So for me it has taken a while to bring myself to listen to this, for the reasons of his loss, and if I am honest selfishness of not wanting to listen to, for me, his last work.  I dare say that I will go back in time and re-listen to his War Doctor performances which of course were standout, and, this little nugget. For this is in some respects going back to his roots. This is drama, melodrama, albeit with a slightly classical science fiction twist. H.G. Wells wrote this story many years ago, to the point of it being out of copyright, and so moreover a easy win for a production company to produce, as such Big Finish have not skimped on this and put John Hurt alongside Blake Ritsen and Annete Badland whom are also well above the norm, when it comes to this. The careful way that the script has been re-written to tell the story is fantastic, and I would say more akin to a Frankenstein or Dracula a real classic epic is retold here, in a very much keeping with the era of it’s original draft. So well done to John Barnes for making a wonderful story even better. The whole thing simply oozes class, and I always feel you can tell how good a Big Finish audio is when without issue you are drawn so deeply in that regardless of whether listening in the car, at work or at home distractions are lost as the story unfolds, perhaps, John and cast here are just so good with the script that it was and seems on the most part effortless.

I cannot and will not give any spoilers as this simply deserves to be purchased and listened to in full as a stand out performance and very fitting epitaph to a wonderful, talent, individual.

Simply sublime, transformainative and engaging entertainment from start to finish.

The Invisible Man with the late great Sir John Hurt


















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