The Time Machine

12/10/2017 - Additional Releases, Classic Dramas
The Time Machine

I really approached this without having any ideas, I tried not to think too much about the film adaption from my past as a child, usually watched over a large box of Quality Street, at Christmas. Instead I also recall the modern day interpretation that came out a few years back, which I understand was also more than faithful to the original HG Wells book. The only thing I did welcome was enjoying the acting skills of Ben Miles, whom I have a great deal of time for, he made me laugh in Coupling, and he was excellent I thought in the short lived Dracula US TV series. The other thing I was also keeping an open mind to was the way in which what is essentially quite a large and expansive novel would transfer to the audio stage. Well no problem there as we have the people at Big Finish at the helm who, have, never failed in the past to convey the biggest of soundscapes within their releases.

The other interesting thing for me is the Morlocks, and the Uweena. After all they are the key element in the story telling part for the time traveler once he finds himself in the future/past. I think if you are listening to this, then like myself you have probably heard other adaptions, and seen the various films based on the writing. This release does not fail to deliver, and it keeps faithful to the original story in a manner that condenses the story into a 2 hour format, with what I can only describe as some of the best supporting music and sound effects to an audio drama for some time. It certainly painted a wonderful vista in your mind, and aided this story no end. The other revelation for me was Anjella Mackintosh who not only played the time travelers house keeper, but she really owned the stage when it came to his Uweena companion when he arrives in the future/past. She conveyed the emotion beautifully considering that there is little to no discernible English that is spoken, apart from the odd words as she begins to understand from her companion. You really felt that Ben and Anjella started to form a relationship through their travels and exploits. The parting did make me feel desperately sad for the loss, and his obvious affection being cut short. Superb acting by Ben as well in his retelling of the tale to his friend on his return, as well.

All in all this is a superb release, a cracking stand alone production that as conveyed the story without losing the original themes. Highly recommended and once again another cracking “Classic” Science Fiction release from Big Finish.

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