4th Doctor Adventure’s The Skin of the Sleek

11/09/2017 - Dr Who Stuff, Posts
4th Doctor Adventure’s The Skin of the Sleek

The Doctor and Romana land on a planet of Funderell, a rather curious planet, one that has got the attention of a party of documentary makers. But there is something amiss the planet as been off the records for some time by the Time Lords. It’s one of those places that you simply should not visit. The party engage with the Wavewalkers, the inhabitants of the planet, who live of the ever shifting land mass, as nothing as bedrock here. When the Tardis arrives, it isn’t long due to the terrain of the planet separates the Doctor from his companion, and she becomes the unwelcome guests of the Waveriders, and their Giant Electric eel. Meanwhile the Doctor is the guest of the documentary makers, and, he is desperate to get Romana back, and what is more, one of the party the Doctor is with raises his suspicion, especially when it turns out that she too is a timelord, and old acquaintance of Romana.

What exactly has this planet got to hide, and what is more what is Romana old friend Sartia there to investigate or uncover. Also in killing the Waveriders God a giant Electric Eel really a good idea. Will all be revealed in this adventure.

Well the one thing I can say without fear of giving away the story is that no, it is not answered in this single instalment. What is more I can happily report that this is simply a brilliant peace of 4th Doctor story telling, and well worth more than the one listen. There areĀ bits and piecesĀ of the TV era, but, nothing that immediately springs to mind, that is the beauty of the Big Finish releases in this range. The story is new fresh and exciting, but at the same time encompasses the characters we all love. Tom carries this with ease, and is complimented with a Lalla at his side along with what is a cracking supporting cast. The Big Finish magic in respect of the sound scape plays out wonderfully and all feels like it is a lot bigger than belies the 10 actor cast. It is that cinematic audio feel that we have now come to expect from Big Finish. I literally cannot wait for the next episode to be released to see what is in store for Lalla, the Doctor and of course the Waveriders on Funderell.

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