228 The Blood Furnace Main Release 7th Doctor Release

11/09/2017 - Dr Who Stuff, Posts
228 The Blood Furnace Main Release 7th Doctor Release

A rather cracking story from Eddie Robson here, showcasing the talents of McCoy, Langford and Aldred as the main actors in the cast. We see the Doctor and ACE and Mel arrive in 90’s Liverpool, actually arriving in the docks where the ship yard is busy building a ship! Moreover we discover that the main man in charge of the ship building is a ex boyfriend of Mel. There is something as we soon find out amiss about this ship building and more the ship itself. This comes to the notice of more than the Doctor, when it appears that some of the people working on the ship are in fact aliens and not Liverpudlians. An alien race restricted by a pact after a failed war, has resulted in them not being able to produce any armaments, or inflect there will on any other race, so to side step they have engaged with the human race to build them a new ship, to cruise the galaxy and reek havoc. The problem however, is that their biological fuel methods are not the most acceptable in polite society. That coupled with the fact that they are already being investigated by the galactic security authorities who have their spies already deeply engaged with the ship builders, hidden among the other workers.

The story rattles out a far pace, and what is more it is rather splendid tale. You sort of get the feeling that this is actually a better story than we would have ever got from the Beeb in the day of the 7th Doctor. The production values alone with the music production and the general story telling is so superior. Once again Big Finish have surpassed themselves in the telling of the tale. McCoy is standout for me in this, perhaps one of the best of the recent releases with him taking the Doctor into a much more of his Doctor than of late. Well in my opinion at any rate. Aldred and Langford as Mel also aid assist in the nostalgic feel of the production. Blood Furnace is one of those audio that I know I will be going back too, at some point in the not to distant future for another listen, it just ticked a lot of boxes and it was thoroughly enjoyable. Good solid main range release for August this guys. Keep up the good work.


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