227. The High Price of Parking 7th Doctor Main Range

25/07/2017 - Dr Who Stuff, Posts
227. The High Price of Parking 7th Doctor Main Range

We have a seven (Mccoy Doctor) adventure with Mel and ACE in this month’s release of the Main Range. The subject matter is quite unusual and what is more, it is also one that would not at first appear to lend itself to being “that interesting” however, it is very cleverly written by John Dorney and produced Ken Bentley, it is one of those stories that works the first listen, but also works well the second listen too. The more exciting bit about this production, is that it is unique in the way that a relatively inane thing we all do could be turned into a full on production. leading to a space civil war, although having tried to park many times at some major shopping centers in this country I sort of get it more than I first thought. It is also a slow burn of a story, with the twist not appearing until the end, you sort of get the thinking of I didn’t see that coming. Bonnie is superb in her role as the hacker Mel who thanks to her stunningly good skills manages the damage of what could happen without the race against time being stopped.

The story takes us on the journey of what happens when a car park which is the size of planet/asteroid starts to take on its own existence. People who have traveled and parked there who then in turn loose their way back to their vehicles, give up and take up residency on the planet, they become inhabitants of Parking. These indigenous then become split into their own micro communities, and from these we have the birth of the group called Free Parkers. This group are more vocal and physical about their plight than the rest, and they are a constant thorn in the side of the authorities, for which the authorities of the wardens and attendants of Parking believe to be responsible for the recent deaths of people trying to leave the planet of Parking. However it isn’t these freedom fighters that are causing the horror to unfold, it is in fact something much more sinister. It appears that the ships themselves that have been abandoned have the also a stake in their claim for this world one way or another. This is about Free Parking, Free the tribe of Parking. This in itself is very surreal view point, and it makes for a rather confused and twisted story, it is rather glorious at the end, although I must admit gets a little muddled in the middle. Overall this however is a solid release. I must shout out the performance of Hywel Morgan (Kempton/ Tribesman) who plays a simply superb performance, especially at the end when he literally has his mind double parked in a manner of speaking.

Cracking Seven Doctor adventure in my opinion.


7th Doctor taking on the parking and traffic wardens of space


















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