U.N.I.T Assembled

12/06/2017 - Dr Who Stuff, Nu Who, UNIT
U.N.I.T Assembled

4.1 Call to Arms by Matt Fitton

We kick off the new release with the wonderful and warming tones of Sgt Benton and Mike Yates, with the former UNIT official now running a pub in the lake district of Northern England, and planning on taking an extended holiday with his wife, on a luxury cruise. However, this is something that soon turns from a farewell drink into a nightmare, and we witness the meeting of old world meets new world. With the unification of UNIT of the NU Who meeting the UNIT of my childhood. I have one word to say, YES!!!! It is simply brilliant and I absolutely love the tones of John Levene and Richard Franklin reprising their roles as UNIT. It is a cracking adventure when you also throw into the mix we have the ever gorgeous and spectacular Jo Manning and Jo along for the fun. But it keeps getting better, as the pub is the centre of a Silurian attack, an attack that has far more reaching consequences for the occupants of not only the farewell drink party in the pub, but the entire world. As the Silurians are awakened from their slumber, and this time, the Doctor is not around, and so with the new world and the old world once again get together to fight one of the original Who monsters of the past, we are all in for a treat. This is a spine tingling good first intro into this release.

4.2 Tidal Wave by Guy Adams

Project Charybdis give us opportunity for Jo Jones to stretch her legs in this instalment, with UNIT and Jo set off to find out what is going on at an experimental power generation plant. Kate Stewart feels that is important that it gets the approval of the old guard. Osgood is awe struck when she finally gets to meet the real Jo Jones. Things turn nastily sour when what they actually come across is something a lot more sinister. The problem is that beneath the sea is the original ancient rulers of Earth whom want it back, and the fact that UNIT are prodding around is not going to go down well with our Seadevil relations. I must admit that the second episode in this release, was the one that I struggled with the most. It didn’t seem to flow as well as the first episode, which on reflection is sort of strange, as the episodes that worked the best for me are the ones with the older cast in play. The episode does work, and sets up the whole story well. That is just that this story is the one that throws itself on the sword a little bit to gain ground for the sake of the story. I loved the way that Jo Manning and Oswald play off one another in this episode and there is a definite spark between the two which I am sure that Big Finish will exploit in future releases. Well at least we hope that they will, with licence in place. Tidal wave is the episode that builds the story it does not stand out.

4.3 Retrieval by Guy Adams

Kate and Oswald venture in the Mediterranean to recover a potential weapon to fight off the┬áSilurian advancement to try and take the world back from the Ape’s. I love that term that they call humans. But Kate and Oswald are being persuaded by a Silurian warrior who is intent on putting a stop to their plan. It is not long before they are in a real mess, and Kate is battling the potential slow death by a Silurian poison. Where as Oswald is the victim of a old Silurian weapon which renders humans in to a quivering ball of fear and fright. It isn’t long however before the knight in shining armour arrives from UNIT to rescue them both. Kate discovers more about the base and its secrets which will lead to a potential method of fighting them off for good, in the meantime she also finds a antidote to her potential demise. Oswald also is saved from a fate worse than death with Lt Sam Bishop coming to her rescue. This is a rather action inspired and gripping episode which provides a lot of fun and there is a cracking build of tension throughout. The Silurian’s are not the foam rubber creatures of the Pertwee era, Big Finish have certainly made them a lot more slick, and scary in this return, that is for dam sure.

4.4 United by Matt Fitton

Well, well if Big Finish re-wrote classic who then it would sound like this. The episode apart from some simple plot changes, is essentially the Pertwee episode re-wrote and better in every way. In fact I simply adore John Levene and Franklin and Manning in this they add a certain gravitas and believability for a middle aged man whom grew up watching them on TV and for me this episode in itself is the stand out one of all four. It is a fitting end to the whole proceeding that this episode is as good as it gets. It is a simple case that Fitton as quite simply written the episode that should have been, and thank god that Big Finish made it, as it saved it from the appalling fate that would have occurred if it had been made for the Nu Who, with the Beeb and all that overly US TV gloss they seem to apply to the series these days. The story puts our old UNIT controlling the new UNIT in the pursuance of ridding the planet of the one Silurian, Jastrok who is intent on making sure that the world is taken from the ape kind. But will they be able to prevent this from happening and make sure that they are secured once and for all…


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