6.05. The Haunting of Malkin Place

06/06/2017 - Dr Who Stuff, Posts
6.05. The Haunting of Malkin Place

Off we go again, with Tom and Lalla, in the Fourth Doctor series 6. What is more we have a one of the most favorite Doctors, and a ghost story, and a ghost story, taking place as well in those years just around the end of the first world war. The story starts in the only way that it can with Tom really on form, cracking jokes and doing that thing where he is not or never appears to be taking anything to serious. However, the story itself as the wonderful way of wending it’s appeal so that you become immersed in the story. The thing about Tom playing the Doctor is that he could be reading out the Yellow Pages as the Doctor and you would be hypnotized with the way he speaks, and his delivery of the words. So onto the story, Tom and Lalla go off and in the process of their travels, pick up a medium and his helper and then a visit to Malkin Place. Where there is some rather peculiar things going on. The Doctor, of course finds great amusement in ridiculing the medium, after all he can dismiss the whole premises of ghosts with scientific reasoning. It comes as no surprise that this is not about Ghosts. It does however touch on something a lot more human than alien and that is loss. For that this story is a wonderful yarn, and once again a worthy addition to the Fourth Doctor range.



Fourth Doctor and a Ghost story what else could you want


















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