Philip Hinchcliffe Presents: The Helm of Awe

01/05/2017 - Box Sets Special Release, Dr Who Stuff, Posts
Philip Hinchcliffe Presents: The Helm of Awe

A cracking release from the Hinchcliffe Presents range, so gladly welcomed by myself, who is a unashamedly a massive Baker fan. In fact whilst listening to this I have the third part replaying through my headphones once again to better understand the story line. This is a massive slab of nostalgic fourth Doctor story telling, and by one of the best who cared for the tenure of Tom when he was in place as the Doctor of my childhood.

The Helm of Awe is in fact a contrived story, there are enormous elements of classic Who in here without a shadow of a doubt that is from the off with the wonderful use of the period sound effects and music, but what is stand out is the way in which, and I don’t know how, Lela and the Doctor, respectively played by Tom and Louise, sound as they did all those years ago from my childhood. The audio production on this is incredible, and really takes you back to the years of when I was watching Tom and Louise on the TV. So we have a canvas of sound that is perfect in it’s ability to take you back to the era from which we are listening. But what about the story, well in a nut shell there are elements of the Wicker Man, that has to be put out there you cannot tell a story about a Scottish isle and ancient festivals without that comparison being made. The other is that there have been many other stories that have featured islands, and the Doctor, and of course a alien species intent on earth domination, and we have that here in the shape of the Barbezen. needless to say the alien entity as been using Viking history and legacy to reek havoc on the isle so that they can effect create a safe place for the potential of exploiting the planet Earth. Through time travel via the Helm the Doctor transverses the time lines and also the alien serving Lairds family, to prevent what could become a rather unpleasant alternative history for the Doctors favourite planet.

Once again we have a small cast, that belays the fact that it appears that there is a host of actors, this is apparent when you start to listen to this, it just feels epic in it’s production. The whole thing is a thing of quality and beauty. I love these release, they bring so much back of my childhood and of my years with Tom. These are just that little bit more than the standard fourth Doctor release. For one thing they are longer than 1 hour, which lets face it you cannot have enough Tom can you.


Another masterclass in writing 4th Doctor Adventure Stories


















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