6.04. Dethras

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6.04. Dethras

Deathras, not a planet or an evil leader of some sort of quasi veiled neo Nazi style aka Darth Vader-esque, Dethras is a brilliant if mislead and misguided genius scientist, who has developed hyper evolution, the perfect weapon, in the wrong hands. The ability to super evolve at a ridiculous amount of pace that allows humans to become super human, or indeed expedite the transmutation of say a chimpanzee into the logical next step of a walking, talking human beings. However, the scientists ability to develop his discovery is delayed until a war mongering Fluge gives him the ability to finish his experiments by extraditing a second world war submarine and transporting it back into Fluge time and dimesion so that Dethras can finish and provide the perfect weapon so that she can wreak havoc on her enemies, and, to rule supreme. However, the best plans of mice and mad war mongers, gets scuppered by the Doctor and Romana, as they materialize on board said submarine. The Doctor’s intervention does put pay to Fluge war intentions, and, although it could be argued that Dethras should not go unpunished, we find the Doctor and Romania giving him a second chance to redeem himself, and the highly evolved Chimp that is quickly turning into a human on a planet well away from any opportunities to exploit Dethras’s experiments.

This is one of those 4th Doctor adventure stories that actually gets better on the more times you listen, it is also quite easy to consume quickly, with the most bothersome issue of these 4th Doctor stories being their paltry 1 hour running times. At least in this month April 2017, we have the Philip Hinchcliffe Helm of Awe, box set 4th Doctor release which will no doubt run at a more desirable time of a couple of hours. This story packs a massive amount of detail into the 1 hour, hence I think the repeated listening giving it more gravitas. The other thing is that it bounces along a rate of knots that quite simply is bewildering. Tom Baker as the ability to make anything he does seem to pass in an instant, that I think is the mark of a genius of his craft. You are simply drawn into the story. Lalla as Romana is simply wonderful in this as well, offering that feeling to the listener of a warm glow, the companion that re-awakens my childhood memories of Who on a Saturday evening. This is another stunning 4th release, in what is simply the best range that Big Finish put out.

Cracking stuff, makes you wish for the next one now.

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