Zaltys – 223 Main Range 5th Dr Adventure

24/04/2017 - Dr Who Stuff, Posts
Zaltys – 223 Main Range 5th Dr Adventure

Well, well, well, 5th Doctor, a play on classic fairy tales, and myth and legend all come into play here. There is also a tip of the hat to some classic literature in the shape of vampires and werewolves and that gothic era of old. Yes the story contains, vampires, telepathic’s, and pseudo werewolves. There is also some similarities with Arc in Space, the Sea Devils and a host of other classic Who stories all floating around in this release. I rather enjoyed Zaltys, it was one of those big releases that felt cinematic and huge in scale. It is also fair to say that it was one the few stories where the separation of the entire Tardis takes place relatively quickly, with Tegan, Nyssa, Adric and the Doctor himself all making their own sweet way through the story. The story itself is very well written and superbly acted, with Davidson and the supporting case all putting in a first rate performance. There is an air of class as well about this which shines through. The story is cleverly written, and where before I mention it feels like it references other classic Doctor stories, one, I found myself thinking of whilst listening was the Voord. This release out of the 5th Dcotor releases so far this year is probably the mark and in main releases in general this is one of the best of 2017 so far.

A rather wonderfully woven 5th Doctor tale


















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