6.03 The Silent Scream

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6.03 The Silent Scream

Release three of series 6 of Tom’s outings from Big Finish, see us on a common, regular story ground, with the Doctor and Romana and K9 paying a visit to the 1920/30’s Hollywood where the advent of the “talkie’s” are starting to take over and the world is changing. But something is odd is happening at Hammerstein studios. I love the play on HammerHouse of horror brand some how seems appropriate in the nature of the Doctor and his some what Gothic past with Hinchcliffe and the like. Hammerstein have a cursed film and each time that an actor goes up for the part they strangely loose their voice. But is just their voice that they are losing. The Doctor and his companions investigate after the actress Loretta Waldorf, the Doctor’s personal favorite screen idol looses hers, however, the creatures that are robbing the individuals are being controlled by an a rather unscrupulous individual whom has a twisted idea of what can only be called the ultimate is film star memorabilia. He is not a man to be trusted. The Doctor of course swings into the rescue of all, and, of course wins the heart of his film star, in a clever twist of fates, the Doctor manages to con the Quack Doctor/collector and he his hoisted on his baton. A rather poetic end in some respects.

Solid 4th Doctor story here, with the wonderfully entertaining Tom Baker, Lalla Ward and John Leeson as the ever vigilant and pragmatic K9. I did enjoy this story rather, and it was a tremendous nostalgic trip back to my youth, as this was yet another wonderful trip back to the tea time of my child hood with my Doctor.

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