U.N.I.T Volume 3

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U.N.I.T Volume 3
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1.0 House of the Silents

We kick off this box set with Colonel Shindi in a wheelchair performing surveillance on a little old lady who seemingly provides help and assistance to those less fortunate than herself. Except that the little, blind old lady, lives in a house that is harbouring an unknown, something that has caught the attention of U.N.i.T. The surveillance reveals nothing, that is until we discover that the Silence are abound, on earth. However, it is not that simple, as in this first episode it becomes apparent that their dominance and desires are much more than they ever where perviously and they will stop at nothing to attain their final goal. There is some superb acting going on here, in the first episode, and I especially like the performance put in by Ingrid Oliver and Warren Brown as they carry for the most part the theme of this episode. Redgrave is also as shines through, it is obvious her ability is never outweighed by the performance, and she always gives the feeling that like McGann she is effortless in her delivery. There are some interesting themes being setup here for U.N.I.T and they are only going to add to the excitement of listening to Square One, to find out what is going to happen next.

2. Square One

The seeds were sown in the previous chapter and with one U.N.I.T officer now not quite himself, it is apparent that something that does not appear to be of any concern to Kate or her crew is looming. There is a country that is nearing an election of the next prime minister and what is more, it would appear that the there are kingmakers that are not of this earth intent on getting their puppet PM passed the finishing post. Ably assisted by an U.N.I.T officer of all persons. What we have here is the basis for one of the best parts of any drama, it is laying the ground work down, and starting to flex its muscles to show us what we Big Finish are very good at, producing excellent audio drama, with out favourite Who exponents. Square One further starts to paint an all to real picture of governments that are perhaps not what they seem, and there is an element of reality starting to mirror itself very readily in the¬†episode. Again Ingird and Warren are shining through here, although it must be said that the Silence’s mind controlled James Joyce character of Tosh, is altogether very believable, to the point of it reminding me of a certain UK cabinet minister of recent times. Cracking second instalment and the build to the third outing is just happening wonderfully well.

3. Silent Majority

In Silent Majority U.N.i.T are portrayed as being helpless, as the puppet government, that, is about to take power is set to be first past the post, and what then, we will have to come to a new dawn, where, the decisions of the Earth may not rest with whom people have believed are the real power mongers, yes the Silence are playing the long game here, and are hell bent on making this a viable and workable plan that allows them to take control of Earth, almost as a staging post for something more. Of course we have the ever vigilante U.N.I.T in the background and when the cracks start to appear Kate and her team swiftly start to move in on the perpetrators of the plot of control. I enjoyed the build to what is the final episode in this current release, as it provided us with a lot of answers coming out before the last episode, leaving me as a listener to think, how can Big Finish stretch out another episode, then the twist starts to be shown to us just at the end. You know then that we are in for a real humdinger of a finish.

4. In Memory Alone

With this the final part of the whole third box set, I must admit at this stage I didn’t know what to expect, in fact it is fair to say I was a little bit, worried that the story itself would have no where to go, how wrong I happily was. However the story pitch is shifted, and when¬†Sam Bishop and Osgood go visiting a orbiting space station, the whole sorry story unravels like a unravelling snake, We not only have the rather unpleasent Silence still playing there mind games, of amnesia, but they have been as I said before playing the long game for some time. Now the plan is set in motion, and it starts to unravel, with Osgood and Bishop caught in the midst of a rather nightmare scenario playing out many miles above the Earth. As well as the Silence still ever presence being felt back on Earth. I think the words where the hell are we going with this spring to mind. Kate starts to realise that the Silence are still not finished, and they are using U.N.I.T to play out their plan.

Wow, what a cracking piece of audio drama box set 3 as been, I cannot fault any part of it, as story telling goes it is beyond excellent, and provides us with insight in to why Big Finish are the purveyors and licence holders of Who and it dominion they just know who to produce and make it all hang together and work. This is by no means a mean feet, considering they are essentially orchestrating a full blown drama based on a spin off of the main character set of the Whoniverse. That said they have done a superb job in this. Well worth shelling out for this release, as it furthers the cracking story arc and canon that new U.N.I.T adds. However there is one thing I personally would love Big Finish to put up for debate, why we cannot revisit the older U.N.I.T as I dearly would love to here the untold stories that could be created with those characters. If they can so successfully and carefully bring Doctor No.3 back with Trealor there is nothing stopping them to have a crack at it in my opinion.


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