2. UNIT Shutdown

07/07/2016 - Box Sets Special Release, Nu Who, UNIT
2. UNIT Shutdown
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2.1 Power Cell by Matt Fitton

Introducing stage left the Tengobushi, a sort of alien race who marry spiritual with science to be a whole new type of hell for UNIT to deal with. But we don’t stop there with the death of a scientist who works for UNIT, and his work be taken over along with UNIT’s artifacts by the rather dubious Lyme corporation, there is even more afoot. The reluctant Osgood is given the task of using a power cell to potentially as weapon, for who our new friends want for themselves, is something that she is non too keen on. There are some fun bits amongst what is in fact a rip roaring non stop adventure. Phew the pace is fast and furious and just does not let up. Absolutely fantastic writing at play here. Also some first rate casting in again, Redmond, Oliver, Joyce are all just so perfect for this, our second encounter with the new UNIT’s audio drama. Only one thing to remember about this opening episode is that it is blasting along at such a blistering pace, it is all time we had a breather.      . review

2.2 Death in Geneva by Andrew Smith

The difficult second episode, we have the UNIT team going over to Switzerland to get some assistance in investigating the Lyme issue. Also trying to sort out what they can do to assist, but UNIT Switzerland have there own agenda to adhere too. There is some politics in play here. Osgood and Kate are being put at risk and the enemy know where they are and what they are chasing Kate and Osgood. There is a building air of tension and anxiety in the second episode, there are some rather nice sarcastic cutting lines delivered by Kate Stewart, I like the cut of her jib. Tight and tense is the best way to describe the installment. With a lot of the adventure starting to be built. This as more a feel of ITC 70’s style here than Who for me going on. review

2.3 The Battle of the Tower by Andrew Smith

Third outing in the boxed set from UNIT Second outing, and now we have scenario much more like a Mission Impossible film. In fact most of this production is starting to go down that path. It feels less like Doctor Who, and more like a US style all guns a-blazing fuel filled intergalactic shoot up. Now on the upside I think that Big Finish should be congratulated for certainly taking the bulls by the horns and making this much more than perhaps the BBC could. However, if nothing else it sort of looses some of it charm by being so big, brash and in your face. The acting in this is superb and is without question best of it’s type. The story however, now is starting to, for me, loose it’s overall credibility. I have used that term when reviewing what is essentially a science fiction audio drama. But that was one of the initial lure for me to this series. I wanted to see if Big Finish like they can most of the time actually be best what we see elsewhere. The Battle of the Tower, is pretty much what it says on the title. The Ancient alien’s are back this time taking on the UNIT, at the Tower of London. I was pleasantly shocked when in the extra’s disk there is a mention of Stargate, as there is more than a tipped hat at that feel when you start to let this play across your eardrums. review

2.4 Ice Station Alpha by Matt Fitton

Lyme people are up to no good, they are stealing the ancients, ability to produce power, unrequited, and no need to worry where it is coming from, we have solved the earths needs, however, the ancient aliens are non too happy about this, and they want there property which allows this to occur back, in their pocket. Cannot say you blame them for that. What plays out is as near to Who as say King Lear and perhaps Mike Lee film. It is however, a cracking adventure story, and it has elements that are attributable to other dramatic, action adventure that have gone on in the snow drenched tundra, like operation zebra and to me there are certain parts that I start to think about the 50’s film The Thing. There are a lot of the final parts that make you think WOW! and PHEW!, as from the start this blisters along, a right old rate of knots. Enjoyable, predictable a tad, but it makes for a perfect ending for what has been overall a good release of stories in the range. But I think that Big Finish need perhaps to reign in the Hollywood/Blockbuster sort of anthemic style and perhaps use some of the more Whovian style that seems to be lacking within this. review

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