2.4. The Isos Network

17/01/2016 - Dr Who Stuff, Posts
2.4. The Isos Network
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To be honest this episode was like an ear worm, I just could not get into the second part of the story, it took me half a dozen replays to get myself into the story, once however I had settled into the characters again and let the fabulous Frazier weave his magical spell as Patrick then it soon started to fall into place, and, the story flowed. This is very easy on the ear, it simply just rolls away and the story itself is really rather good. What makes this really good is that it simply unbelievable that there are so few in the cast. Nick Briggs takes us back to the more memorable and somewhat terrifying Cybermen of yesteryear with their analogue style speech very much of it’s time. Frazier is quite simply brilliant, he is so separated from Jamie and the Doctor, yet apparently not recorded separately which makes this just ever so brilliant. Wendy Padham is also superb as both a narrator and as Zoe, she sounds wonderful with complete separation from the part of the narrator moving the story along as well as being  Zoe the companion for Jamie and the Doctor.

The story starts with the 3 making good their leave from Earth after the defeat of the Cybermen, however, a single Cyberman craft as made it free and escaped destruction from Earth, the TARDIS gets caught in the escape and the intrepid three end up on a planet, one with indigenous huge slugs and a race of colonised humanoids from Isos, individuals whom have been decimated by the effects of an earlier Cyberman attack and conversion techniques. It’s all good Doctor Who stuff going on here let me tell you.

Nice second Doctor outing, cannot wait for more of these from Big Finish. review

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