1. UNIT – Extinction

12/11/2015 - Posts, UNIT
1. UNIT – Extinction
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Vanguard by Matt Fitton

Well, well, well, the return of one the most beloved of the Who Universe companion groups, in the shape this time around of the current U.N.I.T incarnation, now lead by the Brigadier’s daughter in the shape of the wondrous Jemma Redgrave (as per the current BBC TV run). This is Big Finish’s attempt at utilising concurrent characters within their audio canon. The first thing that hits you right between the eyes is the overwhelming enormity of the feel of the production, I made a comment on the forum that this to me sounds like a Bond film meets Who, it’s a sort of love swirl of action and adventure, with Who components thrown in for good measure. The casting aside from the obvious is amazing, casting of Ramon Tikaram, who is commanding presence throughout this 4 parter. However that aside the rest of the cast compliment the whole production just, so, so well. OK, so part one. We find UNIT investigating the Jobesque tech billionaire Simon Devlin, a man who has revolutionised the world with his technology and consumer electronics. However Mr Devlin is up to something a lot more sinister altogether, and there is an old foe that he has engaged with.

The Autons are back, and you know exactly who they are by the infamous jingle that accompanied them in spearhead in space, well done Big Finish, you pulled off transferring from a visual menace and convey it’s presence in audio format dramatically uncompressed
. A cracking start setting up the second installment wonderfully well. review

Earthfall by Andrew Smith

The second story outing moves the story on with UNIT now tracing the fall of the Nestene energy cells which are falling to earth, UNIT are hot on the trail of these globes, and Osgood as gone off the Gobi desert accompanied by one of UNIT’s finest. It is not soon before we are however treated to the intervention of Simon Devlin’s right hand women and an assorted collection of Auton’s. The adventure held here in the second outing for me as more Bond style overtones, the whole episode sounding like some enormous multi million pound, produced Hollywood made drama. The story as well drives forward the tale with a relatively modern Nu Who feel, this is something that I have come to realise as the minutes and hours pass listening to this first of what I hope is a new long running series. review

Bridgehead by Andrew Smith

Bridgehead for me is quite the standout episode in both the acting and action, once again, Big Finish make almost impossible the idea that something that in theory should be so visual, lends itself to the audio format so well, and without the loss of any of the storytelling. In this the penultimate episode we get UNIT’s Josh Carter going under cover, but Devlin as plans for Carter which could get him closer to the Autons than possibly he wishes too. However are UNIT’s plans going to be scuppered by Jaqui McGee the pain in the arse reporter going to put the mockers on the whole plan with her constant need to find out what is going out, her reporter skills could be the undoing of the entire world. How WOW, this is going down too well and too fast. I cannot wait for the next box set and I am not even finished with the first, this is excellent stuff from Big Finish. review

Armageddon by Matt Fitton

Finally we find out what will happen, UNIT are poised, Devlin is poised which one will win out, well we all really know that it has to be UNIT, otherwise, we all would be under the rule of the Nestene control, and that last time I checked has not happened. Without giving too much away,this final part of the first release, brings a conclusion, and introduces a hybrid UNIT officer, what will the future hold for the UNIT team in the hands of Big Finish it seems that it will be pretty much safe, I hope above all things that Moffat takes on board some of the prepositions put out here, and maybe we even get treated to some of the now combined universes cross overs and story lines that Big Finish have put out here. Superb 5 out 5 for the whole box set. review

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