Companion Chronicles 3-3 The Doll of Death

17/06/2015 - Companion Chronicles, Dr Who Stuff, Posts, UNIT
Companion Chronicles 3-3 The Doll of Death
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Retro-causation – seeing things that are in the past as your future. That is the main stay of this outing in the Companion Chronicles. This time we dip into the third doctor era with Katy Manning (Jo Grant). To be fair this vehicle of drama, is, Katy’s time to shine. The story to be is a neat little peace, by Marc Platt. We have the pretense of the Doctor and Jo investigating a temporal anomaly and coming across a professor who is haunted by suspicious doll like creatures, that are talking backwards and generally driving the Professor mad. These are the type of specters and spooks that we cannot see only from the corner of your eye. The story is around 1 hour long and for that we get a decent dose of Who style adventure. Although the whole peace is essentially played or mimicked by Katy, if you like me close your eyes her voice is merely the narrative of the original character, and so it my opinion it has little effect that she is not for example nailing the mimicry like say Frazer as done with Doctor No.2 in previous outing of the Companion range.

Not bad, and a excellent listen on a road trip or a run, or walk.

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Jo does battle with UNIT with time traveling spectors


















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