Doctor Who – UNIT: Dominion

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Doctor Who – UNIT: Dominion
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4 Disk set here, which if you listen to the additional material, it many possibly the largest script produced by Big Finish, in fact Sylvester McCoy said his postman had issues with getting it through the letter box. Also this offering has my first encounter with Big Finish’s take on the character of the Master. Played here by MacQueen, now I like many know of this actor from his T.V. work, from the Inbetweeners, Casualty as well as a host of parts mainly comedy not serious and certainly not science fiction. We also have the companion of Raine Creevy, played here by Beth Chambers, and again she is a newbie to me I haven’t encountered her before. However revelation is the word that springs to mind, Beth is simply exquisite as a companion and deserves more exposure, she works well with No.7, in fact I would go as far as to say that she is probably one of the best. She has that quiet intelligent appeal that so few I think of the Doctors companions have shown over the years. She also begs the question why she has never had more of a role in the main range. Excellent character, played by a great actress. Now onto the real find, Macqueen, is stunning. I am still literally amazed, what superb left of center person thought of popping this actor into the role of the Master deserves a medal. He is amazing, in fact, he makes this drama by far one of the best box sets I have listened too in a long time. Sarcastic, bombastic, and chilling, yet with a piquant of fun and mirth, he is truly nasty and awful individual of enormity unsurpassed. He is truly the master of the one liner. The catch phrase of “Hello Me!” is still ringing around my head, delivered in a truly over the top camp yet Bond-esque villain way. You have to listen to the way he delivers his lines they are simply out of the world. More Macqueen I think is the order of the day.

The story itself is a little masterpiece. There are so many things in this that are surreal, absolute  Dr Who, that they are untrue. My favorite is the giant floating heads, that come through the inter dimensions. But the we have the thought vampires as the master puts it. Wonderful, wonderful stuff. The story is basically the Master convinces UNIT that he is the Dr, he the master is trying to control everything by controlling dimensional nodes, which can suck the power out of everything and everyone, and the Master is hell bent on being the person controlling these for his own good. Step in the 6th Doctor and Raine to do battle, at first they are also taken in with the Master and that he is the later incarnation of the Doctor, but it soon becomes obvious to the Doctor that there are few things that just don’t add up.


I cannot praise this production enough. It was just what the Doctor ordered. Everyone in this is good, from, Alex Mallinson (Private Maynard/Arunzell), even the cameo of Sophie Aldred as ACE is on the point. Fantastic box set well worth the money if merely for Macqueen’s superb performance.

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A masterful impersonation of the Dr....









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