Daily Archives: 05/06/2015

7th Dr Adventure Mask of Tragedy Main Release 190
Mythical Greece, and they know about time travellers, it’s an everyday occurrence nothing unusual. Step into the fore the Doctor and Hex and ACE, [...]
7th Dr Adventure Revenge of The Swarm Main Release 189
Hex, No 7 and ACE, we have the altered HEX, the one after the day before. All though his real self is lost we have all three of your favourites together [...]
6th Dr Adventure Breaking Bubbles and Other Stories Main Release 188
4 stories for the price of one, with a central theme of time, chronological excellence. Holograms, Prisoners, and a hedge maze all feature in this first [...]
5th Dr Adventure Tomb Ship Main Release 186
This is our second release in three for the 5th Doctor this , from Big Finish. This adventure finds us with the Doctor and Nyssa, landing aboard a huge [...]