Additional Releases

The Ninth Doctor Adventures
The Bleeding Heart by Cavan Scott Let me just say one thing, before we begin with this review, this is not the Ninth Doctor, in the sense of how Big Finish [...]
Bakers End: The King of Cats
Well, it;s Christmas in Happenstance, and Katy Manning (Suzy Goshawk) a actress who has worked with the now late Tom is on her way to his village to attend [...]
This Weeks Podcast is online
            John Culshaw returns Who fan that he is chat with Nick Briggs about Who and other things. No doubt we will be [...]
Doctor Who: The Two Masters
Before we start I have introduced this warning, there are spoilers below so be aware before you read the review           [...]
The Monkey House – Short Trips
Thrandahar are an alien race I have searched the internet and cannot find a trace, I will stand corrected, but I get the feeling that they must have [...]
Survivors Series 1 review 1.1 Revelation by Matt Fitton This is a dark, and this is not really a good listen, especially for me, a person who suffers from a [...]
Doctor Who and the Pescadons – Decca/Argo
                Overall Rating : –  To purchase this title check out Ebay, it normally goes for vinyl. In [...]
VIII. An Earthly Child
The extras on this reveal that McGann had not realised the gravitas of this piece. The fact that Susan his granddaughter is the original actress who played [...]
X The Five Companions
The release is a special, which you can obtain through purchasing various subscriptions from Big Finish’s catalog. The production boasts as the title [...]
Prisoner Box Set 1
Episode One: Departure and Arrival Nick Briggs as spruced up the original TV. incarnation that we are so familiar with, bringing it to Big Finish Audio [...]