Dr Who Short Trips

The World Beyond The Trees
This release, I really didn’t know what to expect, and I had deliberately kept myself away from any pre release “blurb” to make sure that [...]
6.12. The Hesitation Deviation
The last spin of the Short Stories, for 2016, see’s Lisa Bowerman both in charge of the direction, of herself. Which I can only imagine would either [...]
6.11. The Man Who Wasn’t There
Nearly 30 minutes of Charlie Pollard recalling a story about her adventures with Dr No.8, proves to be a real winner, especially as I think for myself this [...]
5. Sound The Siren And I’ll Come To You Comrade
A short and gripping story in the ever popular short stories series from Big Finish, this time Steve Critchlow, provides us with a superb characterisation [...]
6.07 The Blame Game
Rufus Hound a Doctor Who fan, certainly puts in a decent shift here, for any actor, it is often commented hard to actually pull off a reading or [...]
The Monkey House – Short Trips
Thrandahar are an alien race I have searched the internet and cannot find a trace, I will stand corrected, but I get the feeling that they must have [...]
6.05 This Sporting Life
There is nothing better than a real parallel to be sort within a popular fiction. It makes a parable that much more poignant and relevant. The story here [...]
6.04 The Curse of The Fugue
An 8th Doctor Short Story read by Sheridan Smith. We see Lucy engaged in the pleasures of the three day week, that, gripped the country, under union issues [...]
6.03 Washington Burns
We have a blink and you would miss it, instalment from the 7th Doctor era. Which is cleverly written and wonderfully acted, narrated by Sophie. Taking us [...]
5.08. Foreshadowing
There is a more than a vague reference in theme in this story to the film with Brad Pitt, who, instead of ageing returns to his childhood. This is a age [...]