Companion Chronicles

6.08. Damascus
Scary and mind blowing realism, and that isn’t the story, that is just the wondrous performance put in here by Tim Treloar, he is simply stunningly [...]
8.10 The War to End All Wars
Well this is the last Companion Chronicles according to the extras at the end of this rather excellent release, this time Guerrier takes the CC release for [...]
8.08 The Sleeping City Companion Chronicles
William Russell plays this well, it is a neat little story, it has a theme that has been used before, the idea of dreaming can be used for many things [...]
8.09 Starborn
A quality story, also showing off the acting talents of Carole-Ann to the full. The story is simple, but that does not mean it lacks any quality, in fact [...]
8.05 The Beginning – Companion Chronicles
Interesting concept by creating a prequel to supplement the established first episode of Who, and explore what happened before, and in some respects up-to [...]
6.01 Tales From the Vault
The tales from the vault could not be done for any misdirection on its content based on it’s title. In fact never has a title conveyed the truest [...]
5.08 The Perpetual Bond
This companion chronicle introduces us to the character of Oliver Harper, played by Tom Allen, which we will see adorn the next couple of releases from [...]
5.06 Quinnis
Marc Platt as written a Companion Chronicle that to all intense and purposes has the feel, and the quality of a something that could well have been written [...]
5.01 Guardian of the Solar System
Jean Marsh reprises her role as the wonderfully under utilised companion, Sara Kingdom, the Boba Fett of Doctor Who as I like to think. She certainly in a [...]
Companion Chronicles 6.02. The Rocket Men
Once again we have the wondrous talents of William Russell, effectively providing all the required parts to this a first Doctor, companion chronicle [...]