Nu Who

The Ninth Doctor Adventures
The Bleeding Heart by Cavan Scott Let me just say one thing, before we begin with this review, this is not the Ninth Doctor, in the sense of how Big Finish [...]
Charlotte Pollard Series 1
Part One: The Lamentation Cipher I was not really knowing what to expect, I didn’t know if this was going to be a car crash or not. But within the [...]
U.N.I.T Assembled
4.1 Call to Arms by Matt Fitton We kick off the new release with the wonderful and warming tones of Sgt Benton and Mike Yates, with the former UNIT [...]
The Diary of River Song Series 02
2.1 The Unknown by Guy Adams The second box set starts with a rather cryptic story with the ship Saturnius seemingly languishing around the solar system, [...]
U.N.I.T Volume 3 review 1.0 House of the Silents We kick off this box set with Colonel Shindi in a wheelchair performing surveillance on a little old lady [...]
Classic Doctors, New Monsters Volume 01
1.1 Fallen Angels by Phil Mulryne Ok this on paper should not work, after all the whole premises of audio drama is that the audio paints the picture in the [...]
2. UNIT Shutdown
2.1 Power Cell by Matt Fitton Introducing stage left the Tengobushi, a sort of alien race who marry spiritual with science to be a whole new type of hell [...]
Doctor Who: The Churchill Years Volume 1
1. The Oncoming Storm by Phil Mulryne Well, this is the second outing for Big finish to dip their toes into the new era of Whovian off shoots, and this [...]
The Diary Of River Song Series 1
1.1 – The Boundless Sea – Jenny T Colgan This is the first outing for Big Finish in their River Song interpretation of the BBC created [...]
Doctor Who – The War Doctor 1: Only The Monstrous
Well, we kick off with John Hurt playing the Doctor, the War Doctor, and what we have almost immediately is enormous gravitas, plausibility and what I can [...]