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We are moving as been kind enough to host this review site from 2014, however all things must come to an end and we have moved now to [...]
Missy, the female incarnation of the Doctors, advisory from Gallifrey, The Master. The role reprised for Big Finish by the actress Michelle Gomez, from BBC [...]
New Counter Measures – The Hollow King
Counter Measures or New Counter Measures what ever you want to call it, for me, is a stalwart of the release roster for Big Finish. I know that protractor [...]
The Devil’s Footprint – Doctor Who Short Stories
Bonnie Langford is a bit of an institution in the United Kingdom, starting out as a child star, she has been on and off TV and the stage most of her life. [...]
The Last Day At Work – Paul Spragg Memorial Release 2018
It was a rather wonderous thing to create the Paul Spragg Memorial Release, in itself, it would have been a most fitting way to celebrate a stalwart of Big [...]
246 – The Hunting Ground Main Range
AK Benedict is by profession and admission a die in the wool crime thriller writer. She is also a keen animal rights supporter, so writing a Scandi-Noir [...]
245 – Muse Of Fire Main Range 7th Doctor Adventure
Sylvester McCoy and Sophie Aldred, and what is more we also have the wonderful Philip Olivier and Katy Manning, ably accompanied by David Benson. Well what [...]
The War Master: The Master of Callous
Four stories are in this latest War Master release, those being. Call for the Dead by James Goss, The Glittering Prize by James Goss, The Persistence of [...]
UNIT Revisitations
7.1 and 7.2 Hosts of the Wirrn by Chris Chapman The Wirrn, an alien species about the size of human, but with the appearance of an insect, ant/wasp like is [...]
The Seventh Doctor Volume 1
Four stories that are based around the Seventh Doctor and Roz Forrester and Chris Cweji, the characters that first saw the light of day in the Virgin Books [...]