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Paranoid, or just COVID fatigue

I encountered a technical issue yesterday, one, that normally would be a passing thing, something, I would just get slightly pissed off about, one that would not play on my mind. But you see the problem I encountered actually gave me insight into something, that, none of us really want to have to think about. What other people say about us behind our back. Let’s face it “watercooler talk” is something that has always gone on. We all, not one of us, sometimes might pass comments about a fellow work college. But when it is served up to you, and, you can read it for yourself, due to a error or a problem with the software, or someones inadvertent inability to forgot that what they are telling someone about someone else, they are actually telling the person in question, well, that is either bad form, or a bit of slip up. However, I had a long think about what I read, and I made a decision. Many years ago my late father whom was a ex 20 years plus military man, told me something, that I thought was either very good advice or his dry sarcastic comment, showing his sense of humor. He said “Don’t trust anyone, how ever much you think they have you back, rely only upon yourself, and your own moral compass, as most people are basically CUNTS!”. Well folks that bit of advice meant more of a comic one liner to me, expect yesterday, after my unfortunate/fortunate software issue. I am taking my late fathers advice, and from now on. I am going to be less open, and will not be the person who expands a conversation to others. I will just say yes and no, and not offer opinion or insight into my life, or what happens. I found yesterday that those whom I entrusted, are actually a bunch of CUNTS! So will be treated as such, from now on. Perhaps I should have not been so trusting with these people as I first thought, and perhaps from now on I will be a that person who offers nothing to anyone. I think those people know who they are. If you read this, have think about what you said. In your fucking ivory towers of self fucking importance, as you are so much better than the rest of us aren’t you. Oh yes what does spring to mind – If you do wander on this and you realize what I am talking about. What spineless, sneaky, almost self righteous little arse holes you are. Hope you have a wonderful happy life. But then again, you are so self involved and up yourself you probably think you are far better than me, at least that what appeared to be the jist of your comments. I wish you well. Don’t ask me for anything ever again, that ship has sailed, under the bridge you burnt down.

What a sad thing I have to do, just to keep my sanity.

WWDC 2020 – The New BBC Micro

WWDC 2020 – The New BBC Micro

We are around 5 days away, from, Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference. At least, it was when I started typing this. This year, 2020, due to COVID19, it will of course lose some of the razzmatazz that these events have had in the past. Let’s face it in the past, Apple and their almost hypnotic, subliminal marketing techniques have led to this event, almost becoming a event like a rock concert, or even something on it’s scale like Live Aid!

So what can we expect from the fruit based technology company. Well ironically there are rumours that Apple will be looking at replacing it’s iMac range. It’s been a while, and, they have only released in the last 12 – 18 months (dependent where you are), that the iMac Pro was launched, so technically there has not been a new iMac since then for mere mortals. Fusion drive didn’t quite hit the mark, which to all purposes was actually not a bad idea in principle, it was all the other issues of how the drive technology against costs that made this really not a winning formula. Also the combination, of a NAND and a standard hard drive. It combines itself into one single drive. But it never quite hit the mark. We are hoping that Apple will see sense and just drop the new iMac with a SSD or M.2 SSD. We will of course have to wait and see.
But what is the biggest un-substantiated rumour going around is that Apple will move to ARM processor’s. If so this will bring to an end of their relationship with Intel providing CPU’s for their computer range for well over 15 years. It was at 2005 WWDC conference that Apple announced their move from PowerPC RISC CPU to Intel. We all know what happened when that occurred and the change in Apple progressive market saturation.
However, the thing that stands out for me is that ARM, and the whole design of this technology, is actually down to Acorn Computers, of Cambridge. Acorn, the company that was responsible for the ATOM, BBC Micro, Electron, BBC Master and Archimedes machines. We all know that ARM have about 98% of the mobile telephone market in the UK. So as their saturation of the market may well now take a turn, what, for me is interesting is how the fairground ride that is the fickle world of IT, does it again.
So Apple went with Motorola, then RISC to Intel, and of course they use their own class CPU’s for IPAD and IPhone. But what you have to appreciate, is the small pebble syndrome. Apple only account for about 76million of Intel CPU income, but, it is the fact that such a market leader switches, could mean that HP, Samsung, Lenovo move across. With Microsoft optimising code for ARM, and their imminent launch of their Surface ARM based offering. Then this change may be another nail in INTEL’s coffin, after AMD beating them up, coupled with a seismic shift in their customer base.
Roll on the 22nd June 2020, to tune in online.

You don’t need it, trust me

You don’t need it, trust me

I have been following Colin on his You Tube Channel for some time. The latest video he has put out, is actually very apt. He has nailed the issue of more and more of us, whether it be home schooling, or dipping our toes in to the thorny world of WFH, could all do with a wake up call. You see a lot of us – me included suffer from GAS – Gear Aquisition Syndrome. The constant need or belief that we need bigger, faster and more powerful IT. The truth of it is, that we are all becoming the hypnotised slaves of the corpoprate IT machine. Quite frankly, I have found that running a website, and various social media platform, you need a lot less than you think.

How many of you as users, think that Threadripper, Ryzenn3, class 10 Intel CPU, or even Xeon for god sake are required, what is more, how many of us have blindly thought that the idea of a RTX 2080 11GB DDR6 GPU a wonderful idea. Starting to ring bells. What is more, how many have stuck 32, 64 or even 128GB of memory in to their PC’s. Or Worst still, and my own admision, if we are a worshipper at the alter that is Apple.

Apple is a whole different place of pain and pleasure. Sure no one can argue over their domiance and brilliance in the execution of someone else kernal (OSX is not an Apple original, you have Gastron Gonnet to thank for that – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Darwin_(programming_language). But the whole Apple ideolgy, is a drug. If you are reading this on a Mac, iPhone, iPad, then it’s too late, you are in need of help. Or a 12 step programme.

So what Colin shows us in his video is that for the most part, the actual reality of what a lot of us need, for what we need to do is infact quite suprinsing.

Once again, GAS is the real problem. Enjoy the video.

Microsoft finally throw in the towel

Microsoft finally throw in the towel

Microsoft move to Chromium …So 15th January 2020, Microsoft moved their flagship browser into the Chromium engine, and away from their own EdgeHTML coding. So one could argue that this is to keep them in line with market, and for their products to be universally conversant with customer needs in a browser. After all, let’s face it, over the years, Microsoft have had varying degree’s of success, and some would argue failure with their steps into the browser market. Who can forget, that at one point early versions of Windows where so intrenched with the browser being present that functionality would effectively stop working, and the result would be that you could not really operate your PC without Internet Explorer being loaded. In fact who can forget when Bill Gates and his company had to legally remove the need for the browser to be installed, and to be offered as an option. In fact up until Vista it would be needed due the Trident engine being present for other apps to work.

Corporates who have bought into the Microsoft Eco system have also found, as they branch out to third party developers who utilise more and more browsers as the main delivery method, due to there non dependent OS entrenchment, that IE in all of it’s revisions, both slow un-responsive, and fickle to the needs of themselves and end users.

Is this in part due to the growth of non Microsoft based alternatives. People use in their own lives a lot of non Microsoft technology, and especially when it comes to browsing or using mobile apps. Safari, Chrome, Firefox are the major players, and let’s face it with consumption of content being heavily swayed to mobile platforms, Microsoft has never really been adopted, even their own foray into tablet and cell phones as basically failed.

Is it also the belief that somehow Microsoft’s browser is not quite as up to the task, potentially risk averse, clunky and prone to being inoperable just to use web apps or browsing.

Who can forget the criticism that Steve Jobs, meet when he dropped Flash from Apple’s eco system. Who is laughing now, when we are all moving to HTML5, or embedded plugin’s that do not require extensive custom added code. Let’s face it IE was never that hot.

Also developers have moved away from Internet Explorer non Microsoft centric development tools, and that could possibly be linked to cost or complications in cross platform integration.

Moreover is it mainly due to a combination of what people use and want, and Microsoft still thinking that they can dictate?

Something that is even more telling is in Microsoft recent moves in adoption of Linux. Now I know that it’s always been the elephant in the room, and that Microsoft for years have had it in their own arsenal fo development and for production need, but, its a big step for a company whom as spent years promoting it’s own systems, to admit that integration to something like Linux, is required. You could argue that it could be a sign of maturity, or a sign of realising that you are not the beginning and end – “Beginning with Windows Insiders builds this Summer, we will include an in-house custom-built Linux kernel to underpin the newest version of the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).

So perhaps, again conclusions can be drawn, is it market forces that are making Redmond biggest inhabitants move to what is being dictated to them, and not the other way round. Will we miss IE, will we embrace Edge in a Chrome flavour, or will we all be using dubious alternatives like Brave or Opera, whose ownership is questionable due to links with Chinese government backed finance, Perhaps better the devil you know.One thing is certain, this is the first time that Microsoft as openly changed tack on it’s internet offering, and not since Netscape, nearly did for it as their been such a shift in thinking.

Stranger Things – Season 3 is coming

Stranger Things – Season 3 is coming

It was a slow burn for me, but, I have managed to get through series 1 of this epic slice of beautifully crafted modern story telling in the sort of horror/science fiction style of the era it is set. There is a massive slice or overwheleming feel of the 80’s from the wonderful dulcit tones of the score, which has either borrowed music from the era, or, has been wondefully crafted, on what sounds like, some serious Dave Smith Prohepts range of synths, with some crazy sweeps and sounds that simply just take you back to, what for me was my childhood. I found this little beauty on

Link 1 – Spotify https://open.spotify.com/album/0CTCk1eshEadFqZ4NBfe9N

Link 2 – https://music.amazon.co.uk/artists/B01KPZ52WA?ref=dm_sh_cd54-04a3-dmcp-7a7b-d623e&musicTerritory=GB&marketplaceId=A1F83G8C2ARO7P

Link 3 – https://music.apple.com/gb/album/stranger-things-vol-1-a-netflix-original-series-soundtrack/1142771412

Sci Fi – 50’s style

Sci Fi – 50’s style

It never ceases to amaze me that given the literally millions of dollars spent on the latest spectacular science fiction films or films of fantasy that are delivered to us as consumers year on year, there seems to be a real lack of story telling, and the reliance at all angles for better thrills and spills, it seems, that we have in the age of technology being king, become slaves, to its relentless and continuing consumption of the art. The art of story telling. Human being’s love stories, but it seems that the modern film and science fiction industry makes a B line for the CGI and CCI at every turn, to, try and lure us into the miss belief that we are infact getting better stories, and better story telling, from their output. The truth of this we are not, and I find it interesting that I constantly go back to watching and viewing films and content from the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s 60’s and some 70’s, although we are really pushing it once we get here, as of course, this was the start of the undoing, this is when a certain gold human like robot and his white dustbin compardre really beckoned the start of the change. Any way the real find for me was this great blog site which I have linked here, it is well worth a read. It is well worth looking up some of these films, so of which you can watch at your leisure on You Tube. http://classicscifi.blogspot.com/2013/02/the-manster.html

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Hello world!

Hello world!

Hi this site is all about my eclectic likes, it will also act as a platform for me to launch my YouTube channel off. Inspired by others of the niche genre that I so dearly love. It will also act as an outlet for a lot of my creativity, or destructive and peculiar nature. Lets see what happens.

If you are after the wonderfully entertaining musing of the Big Finish Audio review site they have move to their new home of https://www.theatreofmymind.com I am sure you can catch up with all that is going on in the world of Audio Theater on there.

For now give me time, and this site will grow and flourish and hopefully there will be something on here from time to time that will grab your attention and interest.